Roman Rybaleov/


He was squeezed in the middle,

he was captured in between.

He was treated like a riddle

and the answers made him lean.

He had brothers, he had sisters;

everyone was next of kin.

But they said he was sinister,

when he just tried to be Win.

He was bright and clear as crystal,

with his sparkling master brain.

Couldn't ride, couldn't whistle,

but the boy, he could make rain.

Born in Texas, as a farm boy,

he was nurtured to blend in.

So they featured him a horse toy -

which he just threw in the bin.

Turning sixteen, in the summer,

he was taken to a bar.

By his brother, called "The Hammer",

he was guided to go far.

He was seated next to Molly;

asked him "Honey, I can dance:

On your lap, a twisting dolly,

if you pay me in advance".

"Sorry mam, I don't follow

and I did forget my purse:

Thinking of the dark an hollow,

outer space of universe".

In the morning, he was eager,

to discuss the latest news.

But the laughter left him meagre

and his mind was tuned to blues.

Growing older, he lost patience,

not the one to follow lamb.

So he went for the migrations,

but his car was always rammed.

Finally he met a lady,

in a jam on Thirty-five.

Great and bright, a Ms O'Grady,

made the Master come alive.

Them two smarties made a fortune,

getting fuel out of cane.

In the middle of a desert,

growing sugar without rain.

Well, he always was the faster,

though he's captured in between.

I'm the brother of the Master -

Now I'm trying to blend in!

     2013 © Torbjörn Gidesko


2018 Torbjorn Gideskog © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.