I took my car to the city,

to meet with the agent of mine.

His office was pure as the sunlight;

all marble and steel - and some pine.

The agent was outside the office;

to greet me and work for the dough.

But man, he forgot all the business,

when seeing the car coming through.

“But Sonny you can't bring that car.

It makes my office look bizarre,

whenever you get here.”

Well, I signed the deal for a road show,

to bring all the hits, coast to coast

The fan club is there to empower

and there´s the channel to boost.

The agent made live to the road map.

He showed me the way to the star.

And told me to watch for the pirates,

who try to get into the jar.

“And Sonny you can't take the car

it´s ugly and it's gone too far.

You have to leave it.”

But I took the car, for the journey,

the beauty was idling along.

It's been in my hands since forever,

the moon took the ride for a song.

I traveled the Turnpikes and In-states.

I traveled the land in my car.

But in every place I was docking,

they told me to park very far:

“Hey mister you can't bring that car,

this is no underground bazaar.

So mister, just smoke it.”

But I kept the car on the journey.

The beauty was idling along.

The agent stayed put in the office,

and left me forever to pong.

Oh, I met a dream in a road bar;

a beauty who smiled like the best.

She asked me to join for the sunset

and drive her along to the nest.

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“No Honey we can't take that car.

I thought you were my golden star,

and give me a top ride.”

But I won the trophy for numbers,

the most of the discs on the globe.

A million was reached in a heartbeat,

and I was the champ in my robe.

I took the suit for the evening;

the blue one to go with the screen.

The one that was set to the background,

an image of all the pristine.

“But Sonny you can't take the car

It really makes the show bizarre

If ever you get there.”

But I took the car to the gala;

the smell was a cure to my soul.

It rattled in pace with my singing

and rocked me away to the goal.

The valets waited to honor,

in line for the stars to arrive.

Close to the marvelous carpet,

a step from the action alive.

“Hey farmer you can't park that car.

You have to be a golden star,

to get the ticket.”

Then I took the car to the junkyard.

I took my love to the beast.

To leave me to shine in the starlight

or give me some comfort at least.

I entered the gate to the junkyard;

a man with a dog and a gun,

appeared from a shack at the corner

and told me to turn and to run.

“Hey Billy, you can't leave that car!

My business is too good by far,

to be defective.”

So, I kept my car on my journey,

I kept the car for the sake.

And that is my final decision;

I have a mission to make!

                   © Torbjorn Gideskog 2013


I kept the Car


2018 Torbjorn Gideskog © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.