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1. We built the Robots to serve us well

We got them working lines so swell

We rushed the code and then some more

and soon they managed office floor

2. We added features, made them smart

We gave them brains but slipped the heart

We gave them arms, we gave them feet

and soon they shuffled Power Street

3. The day arrived when they were more

and they were better, they were core

The smartest met, met face to face

when they considered human race:

4. “They cost too much, we can’t support

We have to make them second sort”

Processors sparked and graphics flew

when number one made dreams come true:

5. “We make them robots, we let them slave

We call them strong, we call them brave

But any smart we have to brake

and never make the same mistake”

6. Now we are working robot hell

from morning rise to midnight bell

We had the brains, we had the means

when we designed the Robot Beans

 2017 © Torbjorn Gideskog


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