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Eleven down, one hundred more to go!

Hermine Jung

This is the hompage of Gideskog. To present the lyrics, tracks and other productions. Future and history. Lyrics of love and life. All on the road to music.

Torbjorn Gideskog was born in the south of Sweden in the second half of the 1950th surrounded by a lot of music and not at least affected by the American and English music as most of the Europeans. Guitar and vocals were the tools from the beginning but he also started to write lyrics early.

Other professional and family duties took over and the music was a bit muted but never gone. And the lyrics were always there as a reminder since the tunes always followed closely. The last 5-6 years Torbjorn has been on a mission to set most of the lyrics (presented on www.gideskog.one) written for many years to music. Four have been released but there are still more than twenty to come.

In order to get the music into a really professional context Torbjorn has been supported by several English and Italian wonderful musicians and today there is a team who works closely together with Torbjorn and share all the rights to the music productions. Alessandro Calce, Sandro Deidda, Giampiero Virtuoso and Chrissy Caine making their magics.

The musical themes and the lyrics are written in Sweden but the arrangements and the recordings are done in Italy.

When Torbjorn was asked about what kind of music he loves most, the answer was: I dont love any "kind" or genres, I just love good music!

Eleven now are completed as tracks, two another will be released late 2020 . But there are at least twenty more to come. All presented here.

Four down, one hundred more to go!

And then some.                        

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