She was born and raised in Oakland,

but as young she did embark;

took a flight to New York City,

found a cellar near the Park.

Every day, early morning,

every night after dark,

you could hear a voice, a whisper,

singing soft in Central Park.

She was lucky, she got famous,

you have seen her on the screen.

When the girl is on, performing,

she's the Lady, she's the Queen.

She was traveling; on a world tour,

she was showing everywhere.

Small and fragile but a giant,

when she's singing over there.

Every time when she was launching

and they asked her, what's her spark?

Then she smiled and said; "no glory,

I'm the Lady in the Park".

But in May, when she was scheduled,

to leave US for the art,

singing in The House of Sidney,

from the bottom of her heart.

Josu Ozkaritz/

She just never showed for in-check,

and her phone was out of work.

She went missing, as a phantom;

made her agent go berserk.

Ten years after, in September,

near The Boathouse by the Lake.

There´s a small crowd on the hillside,

fifty people, give or take.

They were frozen in a gesture,

as the eyes betrayed them all.

Listen to a voice from heaven,

in the natural, Concert Hall.

In an hour, on the whisper,

there were thousands in the dark.

And a chopper with a spotlight:

"That's the Lady in the Park".

If you look for the true story,

on the menu after dark

and to hear the voice of glory;

see the Lady in the Park.


          2018 © Torbjorn Gideskog

Hermine Jung

Roman Voloshyn/




2018 Torbjorn Gideskog © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.