Hermine Jung

Linn Jung-Persson




He was the master of blaster,

he was the hurricane wind

He was the bullet but faster,

he was the master of sin

He tried to glimmer and glitter,

he tried to soften her face

and first like brother and sister,

he tried to conquer her grace

I saw the Bullet get closer,

I saw him enter her space

He was the king and the boaster,

he tried to tickle and praise

He never saw what was coming,

he never knew that was Linh,

who took him down to the planet

and got him out of her skin

I love her eyes when she's smiling,

I love her breath when she's close

And love to watch when she's nailing

and give the sinner his dose!


        2013 © Torbjörn Gideskog

She had the best fruits of Brooklyn,

she had the best fruits & greens

but when you asked for a date,

you got a "yes - in your dreams!"

She was so fresh in the morning,

she was so slender and thin

She was the flower of Brooklyn,

she was impeccable Linh

I saw him dodge in the shadow,

I saw him glance at the girl

He was the swamp, not the meadow,

I heard they called him Big Earl


2018 Torbjorn Gideskog © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.