I first met the man when the winter was gone

but I'd noticed his track on the ground.

He was entering the scene on a bright, sunny day,

when the current just turned us around.

We were dancing like ghosts on the fire of sand,

burning hole in the surface of ice.

We went wild on the beach, by the promise of life,

when he suddenly showed - "Hi, surprise".

As we sat by the fire, swinging words all around,

he was staring the moon in the eye.

As the night filled the void of the daylight ashore,

he was smiling and telling us why:

"Beyond the horizon, far away from the stage,

there are words of the whispering voice.

Telling people of love that the sun will be back

and the clearness will temper the noise".

"When the stars far away, send a message one day,

all the people of love they will know:

What they did for the children they saved with a smile,

made the stars continue to glow".

As the time went by, the man got a name,

he was Curious Joe from L.A.

Seeing more than there was, seeing things far beyond,

things were different and so was the bay.

But I liked odd Joe, he was taking us close,

to the other side and the grace.

But whenever he looked at the moon with a smile,

we all knew he was lost in the space.

                              2011 © Torbjorn Gideskog

Shooting Star Studio/



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