1. A skinny little ant jumped on her feet

She was longing for a dance in the midst of the street


2. “Oh no, no Lady G” the soldiers to screen:

“Have to stay in the nest, Lady you are the Queen”


3. The skinny little ant waited in the dark

When soldiers shut their eyes she ran through the park


4. But a busy little guard sleepless at the base,

heard the spin of the wheel and started the chase


5. “Oh get lost little creep” she shouted with heat

I’ve been waiting so long for a dance in the street


6. Little ant got her gear, well, mostly a pin

which she threw at the guard who went down in a spin


7. She ran for the road far away from the fleet

when a dog got her scent and a sniff of the meat


8. “Oh no, no Lady G ‘you lost in the dark?

Get back to the boys” he started to bark


9. An army of ants closed in on her trail

and dragged her back home - turned in to a jail

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10. The skinny little ant pretended to sleep

Longing so hard she soon had to leap


11. The little ant rubbed her leg, the jam in her chest

Her skin glowed in gold when the heat lit the nest


12. All the soldiers freaked out and started to break

When the glow burned the sticks a lot was at stake


13. But she smiled “Well my boys now you all feel the heat:

Let’s get out of the woods for a dance in the street”


14. And she walked on the trail, from the home of the lost

those she wanted to help to a dance at all cost


15. Then one soldier in black followed suit to the meet

When the hunger hit hard helped the Lady to EAT


16. The skinny little ant made the star of the day

Now she's living her dream wishing hard it will stay


17. And whatever to come all the ants to the beat,

watch the light of a star in the midst of the street



2016 © Torbjorn Gideskog



2018 Torbjorn Gideskog © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.