From the islands with Love

a song coming through,

we all heard the music

but she was coming for you.

1.She lived in the outskirt,

on the islands of rock,

where the mountains are solid

and the moon is the clock.

2.She lived with her dad,

her mother long gone,

the big sister Mary

and the minor of John.

3.She sailed in the morning,

she worked on the sea.

She sang to the water

but mostly to thee.

4.She met my friend Jake,

on a feast ninety-three,

I saw when they clicked

but they never saw me.

5.She lived in the outback,

she lived by the sun

but when dawn lit the fire,

she just had to run.

6.She was miles from the city,

she was miles from the nest

But when Friday night's here,

she went for the best.

7.The wild couldn't keep her,

the mountain withdrew,

the Fisherman's daughter

made the fairway to glow.

8.But he was sick in December

and got worse early May.

Didn't tell her about it,

didn't know what to say.

9.So one morning in sunrise,

he was gone for the sleep,

where the tunnel is long

and the slumber is deep.

10.When her boat hit the harbor,

I waited ashore.

Saw her eyes on the bridge,

always looking for more.

11.Had to tell her the story

of her love gone for peace,

though the air on the dock

was chilled by a breeze.

12.But the girl never tacked,

got the gist of the lost

and she had to survive,

at any bearable cost.

13.Now she's gone with the wind,

with no trace of the wake,

she has left for her love,

she is sailing for Jake.

14.So my friend in the sky,

in the midst of the blue,

just stay put in your garden

– she is coming for you!

                        2018 © Torbjorn Gideskog

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Netfalls Remy Musser/




2018 Torbjorn Gideskog © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.