Vanja Delic/

She looked surprised at my sight, went up and said; "well alright:

We better leave, pardon me" but Big Guy didn't agree.

I had to act on the spot, I used the easiest plot;

hit Big Guy hard with my shoe and heard his friend yell: "Hey you!"

Two cops appeared from the back, next thing I was in the sack.

With van in speed to the base, runned by a cop with no face.

They checked me into the lock, big house just down by the dock.

Steel bed with nothing beside; just cold and nowhere to hide.

From what I heard from the cell, she's getting on very well:

"Is running fast with a gang", I heard a small bird who sang.

Five days and out of the jail; thanks friends who sent me the bail.

I wanted more of the best, though something burned in my chest.

I found my dream outside jail; "Never again I will fail".

She smiled - a small fragile look; "From here we go by the book".

I never knew when to quit, though I was nowhere near fit.

I took the bait and I fell - she was the Beauty from Del.

Three thousand miles by the Hound. Close to the sun, we were bound.

She wished a taste of the fame; "to get a feel of the game".

From that it went down the hill; I was the quarry to kill.

And she went back in her shell, she was the Beauty from Del.

Called friends I lost when I fell, those ones with hearts in their well.

They sent me money and hope and saved me sure from the rope.

Now I am back in my town, alive but beaten and down.

I learned the lesson too well - I have a story to tell:

I was the one that she met, the one with much to regret.

I have myself though to blame - oh yes - but all is the same:

You meet the dream of your life; check if she carries a knife.

The one with sweet dreams to sell, might be the Beauty from Del.


             2008 © Torbjörn Gideskog


Hermine Jung

Hermine Jung

There was this girl that I met, she had it all right and set.

I saw her once in the street, the one that no one could beat.

She was the girl of all time, her smile was top of the line.

She did what no one could tell, she was the Beauty from Del.


It started out as a dream; she hit the man like a beam.

One night in Boston, a drink, another hour to sink -

and somewhere out of the blue, a dream came suddenly through.

The dream was easy to sell; she was the Beauty from Del.

She walked the walk every day, she talked the talk, what to say.

She cracked the hardest of shell, with gestures softer than gel.

She made the day with her eyes, she was the early sunrise.

But when the darkening fell, she was the Beauty from Del.

Went out of Boston in May, despite what friends had to say.

"Let´s hit the road, be my man; come show me all what you can".

We went to New York by train, to get away from the rain.

All smile and laugh on the trip, she got me all in her grip.

Walked to the park, early night, we played around, bodies tight.

Got us some food at the grill, the wine was sparkled with thrill.

She made a joint just beside and I just followed the tide.

Grass, heat and booze was the smell, she was the Beauty from Del.

Nice bar I went to the loo - big guy was just coming thru.

When I returned to the bar, the game had just gone too far.

I had to fight with the man, all muscles and a nice tan.

Too late I noticed his pal - hard shot; impressing his gal.

Next sec I was at the floor; a kick, a glint of a door.

Woke up in dirt at the back; was dumped in garbage and track.

But pissed and nothing to lose, went back and looked for my rose.

She sat by counter with drink and with the big guy in link.


2018 Torbjorn Gideskog © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.